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Genesis provides solutions to the most challenging eWaste management issues throughout the globe. Working in collaboration with industry partners, municipalities, disposal companies and other stakeholders, we continually discover new ways to add value in this challenging landscape. In addition to delivering proven industrial equipment life cycle management and disposition services from cradle-to-grave, Genesis is committed to creating more opportunities for the recycling of equipment and products through the design of complete eWaste solutions.

In just over a decade, we have established ourselves as the top provider of EOL services to Fortune 500 companies, acquiring a portion of business from these well-known technology companies as Abbot, Keurig, Sonoco, and Wilson. Genesis’ operation supports these clients by providing an optimized solution for end-of-life technology that maximizes local asset recovery and minimizes logistics costs. Genesis continues to expand our capabilities and the scope of our Manufactured Product Lifecycle

Take a closer look at our turn-key recycling solutions for:

  • Product Recalls
  • Return Management
  • Post Consumer Market Product Retirement
  • Post Production Rework
  • Defective Product Management
  • Counterfeit Product Management
  • Distribution Center Overstock

Solutions by case

Our Customized EOL solutions help companies leverage recycling to strengthen brand protection, market retrieval, value recovery, and customer satisfaction. Let us take care of the future. 

Technology Refresh

With Genesis Dome's Technology Refresh program you could have used technology fixed and updated with the latest software, or disposed of with our innovative services to make room for new technology.

Excess Equals Opportunity

For some company's a technology refresh is necessary every 3-4 years, for others even more regularly. We get your used tech ready for sale through our program and then broker it on behalf of your company.

Obsolete Equipment

Rapid growth & replacing data systems is inevitable. Make cost savings a priority. See how we can make it easy.

Ready for an Upgrade?

The purpose of upgrading your obsolete equipment is to free up space, and influence productivity to help your company reach its goals. Even upgrading the memory on your computer systems creates excess IT equipment. We'll ensure that data doesn't end up in someone else's hands.


Worried about the costs of your business IT relocation? Our relocation experts can be contracted to weigh, tag, take inventory, and prepare your equipment for transport. We have developed a plan to remove IT equipment from your old location and maximize your resale while reducing the overall cost to move it.


We'll give you a logistical road map to quickly remove the IT equipment from the old workspace. We'll maximize its resale value. We'll safely and ethically recycle it, and meet any deadline facing us.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration can be complicated, risky, and costly. If you want to migrate to the cloud - without losing money on your IT investments – you need a partner that looks out for you.

Irrelevant Equipment

We'll be your broker. Leave the hassle to us, and don't lose focus on the big task at hand. We'll pick up the equipment, wipe the hard drives, and resell the equipment on your company's behalf.

Speciality Equipment

We give you the capability to resell products that would otherwise be simply discarded. Our process begins by offering cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions that allow you to resell a variety of equipment through remanufacturing or repurposing.

One company's scrap...

We can find the valuable components from your machines. CPUs and memory or even the precious metals in your circuit boards all apply. After our screening, we use our network to find the best resale price for your specialty and custom equipment. As an R2 Certified company, we also recycle any obsolete parts ethically.

Size Reduction

No one appreciates that one drawer that has become a permanent storage place for all the huge piles of rubbish. Don't allow your office to turn into that drawer with excess computers, phones, and other equipment.

A solution to swear by

Furloughs, layoffs, or downsizing- every company has to become familiar with it at one point or another. Why not make it more effective? Don't leave the excess IT there to lose value. We'll prepare it for sale with our data destruction solutions and broker it quickly, and for fair prices.
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