Data Security

Without ITAD your company is just a collection of passwords.

As the trusted leader in data destruction, we are committed to eliminating data breaches and failures. Our services meet data protection regulations and come standard with the following:

  • Shredding
  • Degaussing
  • Crushing

Our secure shredding methodology ensures your data is 100% destroyed by overwriting, grinding, and physical destruction techniques. Your data will be reduced to a pile of small strips similar in size to confetti and then disposed of by combusting or pulverizing them into powder.

We know the value of personal data. That’s why we take extreme caution in protecting it.  Everything that’s given to us can be destroyed on-site and also recorded on camera, so you can be sure our process renders your information useless.

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Our Secure Data Security Services

Genesis Dome provides effective, reliable data destruction. All of our data and hard-drive destruction services are documented, auditable, and DOD compliant. Our services include:

Data Erasure

With the average data breach costing companies 3.8M, our military-grade shredding standards ensure effective and reliable data destruction. We offer end-to-end chain-of-custody during transportation to ensure accountability between all parties. Our erasure software complies with all major government standards.

Hard Drive Shredding

Your company information is destroyed beyond recovery. Your data will be destroyed on-site right before our eyes and camera are so you can be sure we aren't just recycling your data for profit.

Data Destruction Certificate

Paper data-destruction certificates are not proof that appropriate data-destruction methods have been followed. Only digital data-sanitation reports offer auditable proof, companies still need to confirm compliance with governmental guidelines for secure data destruction.

Why do you need data destruction?

Your data, your company. Your business is at risk when you dispose of it incorrectly. Stop cybercriminals and data breaches before they start with the NSA-certified, industry leader in secure destruction.

The average cost of a data breach is $3.8M, and the damage to your brand can reverberate for years to come

Genesis uses military-grade data-wiping software, providing:

How Genesis Dome Moves Your Equipment from Your Office to Our Secure Data Destruction Facility



Unsure which method suits your company the best? Our data destruction specialists will create a custom program to see which method fits your company. 



Decide whether you require onsite shredding, or off-site wiping or anything in between. We will tell you which auditable and legal documentation your company needs in accordance to government regulations.



Watch and inspect your hard drives being destroyed. You’ll be able to can view an auditable report including the serial number of each asset that was serviced, also you’ll receive monthly statements on behalf of your value recovery service as each serial number is refurbished.  



Receive database reports and digital certificates proving your devices are rendered unreadable, and properly sanitized to meet DOD and NIST standards.

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