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Value Recovery and Protection for Modern Medical & Health Care Companies


Finding a flexible program to help stay on track with the technology expansion cycle

Technology Expansion Cycle

Many medical companies run on a 3-5 year technology expansion cycle. Such a short cycle leads to substantial asset depreciation if there are no systems in place.


A medical company needed a method of liquidating medical equipment in agreement with HIPPA guidelines to avoid fine. They needed this job completed

Solution & Impact

Reducing the effort spent on compliance certification & logistics planning

Genesis Dome tracks and keeps up to date with even the smallest pieces of equipment. We have a team of researchers who are ahead of the curve in understanding the technology expansion cycle. We also have a team of experts and professionals who provide itemized lists, serial numbers, HIPPA compliance certification. The result is an effortless plan to move your equipment out of your facility, then into our responsible recycling system. If you decide to, we’ll destroy it right on site.

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