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Security is First. Going 'Green' is the icing on the cake.


Make an Impact & Insure a ROA

Secure Data Destruction

Cameras, SD Cards, Memory Drives and more are loaded with confidential files even after formatting.

Certified Responsible Recycling

In today's interconnected business world, it's critically important for companies, especially ones broadcasted to an audience, to practice sustainability. Many of the components and batteries used in media equipment carry hazardous materials that require advanced recycling procedures to ensure they don't end up in landfills overseas.

Solution & Impact

Minimize the lack of transparency

Security is first. With the most advanced data-erasure technology on the market, we can permanently erase all types of data completely and securely. Genesis Dome is an established ‘Green’ company that is the icing on the cake that will make your image synonymous with ours. We also offer potential revenue sharing programs that make the move towards the initiative all worth-while. 

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