Case Studies

Meet Any Budget, Create A Cost-Saving Recycling Plan


Every year you get an upgrade is just another year of excess clutter, and smaller budgets.

Return on Assets

'Obsolete' for many companies turns into 'useless'. Take advantage of our eWaste Activation system and maximize returns from a successful recycling program. Expand your budget in an innovative, efficient way.

Board Approval

Have specific requirements set by the school board? We make sure our recycling system works for you. In addition, you can eliminate any headaches. We'll make a custom plan that makes our onboarding our service effortless.

Solution & Impact

A Cost-Effective Value Recovery Program & Maximum Method of Security

Genesis Dome waives major fee’s and creates a cost saving plan to repair and resell equipment. We also use NIST and DOD 5220.22M standards to remove students’ highly sensative or personal data from from the laptops. We then issue a digital data-destruction certificate.

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